Data recovery – the cost determination process Part 3

Category 2

Job 1
As the case above we can continue and say the customer needs some of the data which cannot be recovered without a replacement head for the drive. This means that the reading head degraded and in this case the head is not reading but did not damage the surface. After agreement on cost with the customer the head is replaced, and the requested data is recovered. The cost of this case is based on the model and brand of the drive including the time spent on the repair. And that means anything above this cost of the Category 1.

Job 2
Drive was reported falling from the desk while in use. This will most of the time mean a head replacement need and damage on the surface where the data is recorded. (An HDD is working on certain rpm as this allows the reading head to float a few micrometers above the surface of the media. Once the drive is dropped the gap disappears for a moment. This will cause a permanent damage to the media (platter). This will result in partial recovery only and will be very costly job and can cost for example £700+VAT. Like any precise repair job there is only a guess till the drive is examined so a solid quote is created for the customer.

Data recovery – the cost determination process Part 2

Category 1

Job 1
To be able to understand this more will take an example where the dive is not working, and it came in as DOA (dead on arrival) no signs of life. The drive was taken out of the enclosure and there was damage to the enclosure circuit board and on the board of the hard drive and the work only is 1 hour of labor. This job will cost £70, and the drive will be returned to the user if a heath check status for the drive confirms good health and user can continue to use the drive as normal.

Job 2
The Drive arrived, and the customer is stating that the folder structure is there for short time and then the drive is gone for some time, and this is happening in cycle. After connecting to diagnostic recovery system, the drive reports multiple problem and only 80% of the data can be recovered. A folder structure can be provided to the customer to confirm the importance of the data based on the folder structure and then we confirm the cost and amount of the data possible to recover from the chart with the customer. Once agreed, the cost will be £295 +VAT as no parts were replaced on the drive.

Data recovery the cost determination process

Data recovery the cost determination process
The way how we price the job is related directly to the amount of work involved and parts needed in the repair. All jobs are split into 2 categories and that is the real reason for not being able to give a price before examination.
Most hard drives are recoverable and only a small percentage is not going to be possible to recover due to surface damage on the platter where the data is saved. This will not apply to some of the encryption methods or pass-worded data storage as encryption is another level of the recovery and it is not anymore, a physical work and preparation to get the data. Same rules apply to the solid-state drives, but the chances are lot smaller due the way how the security work on SSD drives and cards.

The First category is the recovery where parts are not needed, and data can be recovered to the customers agreed expectation based on the agreed price. The second category is the category where the drive need’s part replacements and manual repair must be done before the recovery of the data can start on the intended device.

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