Data recovery the cost determination process

Data recovery the cost determination process
The way how we price the job is related directly to the amount of work involved and parts needed in the repair. All jobs are split into 2 categories and that is the real reason for not being able to give a price before examination.
Most hard drives are recoverable and only a small percentage is not going to be possible to recover due to surface damage on the platter where the data is saved. This will not apply to some of the encryption methods or pass-worded data storage as encryption is another level of the recovery and it is not anymore, a physical work and preparation to get the data. Same rules apply to the solid-state drives, but the chances are lot smaller due the way how the security work on SSD drives and cards.

The First category is the recovery where parts are not needed, and data can be recovered to the customers agreed expectation based on the agreed price. The second category is the category where the drive need’s part replacements and manual repair must be done before the recovery of the data can start on the intended device.

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