Laptop the usual age scenario




Most of the time we decide to buy a new laptop as the old one is slow or hanging.
The hinge is damaged, and the laptop is not anymore intact.

And yes, it will solve the problem for some time again.
Year or two perhaps three, all is again OK.

Really, what is the reason to buy a new laptop if the old was doing all you needed just in the last 6 moths it degraded so much?

It is usually a simple solution as a service, where the cooling and the hinges are overhauled, and all can be back to normal? Almost to the stage at the time you purchased the laptop.

If you spent £700 on a laptop 3 years ago and now you need to replace it just because it is now slow???

Yes, sure, a £400 one would do???

Let’s just not pretend that a Lamborghini can be replaced by Dacia.
Or, in other words, Primark can never step up to Dior.

So, hope this is now clear here is the cost factor here.

Maintenance is never explained as it will then slow sales and demand.

So perhaps before heading to a computer store, just pop into local trusted repair shop. Ask if they are able to service the current machine and spending perhaps £60, will do the trick and stop you spending £400.

And saving the planet is the most important thing today, and if you do that and save money.

Then I guess the good gesture for today is satisfied.

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