Battery facts to remember, use it to the max.

Part 1

Battery facts to remember, use it to the max

Battery must incur minimum on average 10 charging cycles per month, to keep good health.

What is a charging cycle? The charging cycle is when the battery is discharged to 0% and then charged to 100%.

How can you discharge to 0% if the battery doesn’t like to go under 30%???

The cycle counts as if you are at 100% and u use 50% and then recharge, this is 50% of a cycle.
Next day you use another 30% and then recharge to 100% again and so on.

The cycle, charging and discharging is based on cumulative process.

This means that until you used 100% as divided in parts, same apply to charging.

The last important fact is related to cycle count and in today’s battery you have about 500 to 1000 cycles to use depending on technology.

Average user complete a cycle in 2-3 days based in that the battery is in max capacity for average 2 to 3 years, based on technology.

I guess this explains lots of questions.

To be continued – next week.

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