FlexGate – The blank screen issue with Apple laptops

FlexGate - The bank screen issue with Apple laptops - What to and how to

Many Mac users might experience issues with the display.

The main problem appears as blank screen. Once you open the laptop, all the rest looks working. The keyboard is lit, and sound is coming, all as normal but no image on the screen.

This issue is well known to mac users today and the proper name for the issue is FLEX-GATE PROBLEM.

If you are in doubt, if you think you have this issue, here are the easy steps to assess:

  1. Start up the computers as normal
  2. If there is no image, after 1 minute just close the lid and wait another 1 minute so the laptop will go to sleep.
  3. Now open the laptop, only 1" so the front of the lid is approx. 2.5 centimeters away from the base.
  4. In moments the image should be there.

If this works, the assessment is done, and you need to find a repair shop to be able to fix this fault.

In a small number of cases, this will not work as the damage is greater but likely still the same issue.

In some cases, the fault starts with a pseudo effect - "STAGE LIGHT", so the back-light on the screen appears like from the bottom of the LCD you are experiencing a beam of light, then shade and then a beam of light and this repeats on the bottom of the screen from left to right till the edge.

The usual repair time is 90 minutes for this problem.

The standard cost please check in online shop area.

Laptop in a BAG issue Part 2

Did you ever take the laptop out of the bag, and it was super-hot?

As we continue with the transport issue, the other most usual case is when the laptop just stops working.
You open it ready to do the task and nothing is going on. Plugging the charger is not helping, holding the power button is not working…
We don’t know but often the laptop can open as the lid for some reason, lifts from the base.
The laptop starts and the lid closes in the bag while moving and you have no idea why the laptop is not starting.
Often the laptop has overheating protection, and this makes the laptop shut down and lock itself.
In the worst case scenario, the laptop continues to work, and the heat just builds up to the level where the components in the laptop are permanently damaged and it needs to be replaced. Most likely it is the processor - the graphics chip, the graphics chip - chipset or any other combination.
So most important is to remember to shut down the laptop before traveling and that will prevent this disaster from happening.

Laptop in a BAG issue Part 1

Did you ever take the laptop out of the bag, and it was super-hot?We always carry laptops with us. The standard is to slot it in with other items into a bag, suitcase, rucksack etc.
This is of course a normal procedure.
When this happens, we are not aware of the problems coming with this.
The laptop is in the bag coming with me and I’m on the tube or in a crowded place and as I’m trying to get to the other side of the crowd the bag is notched. I am not aware of this and when I got to work the laptop had a damaged screen. Often, after the flight same issue arises. The laptop is crushed by the weight in the Cargo area.
The most damaging moments for laptop in transport are shocks while on the go. Then this damages the LCD but more often the hard drive is affected.
As this occurs the laptop is not able to work anymore at normal speed or in worst case scenario the laptop just won’t boot anymore to the operating system.
This made scientist to come up with SSD (solid-state drive). The invention removed the movable parts from an HDD and works based on chips as storage. Sounds perfect at first look! But let’s don’t fool ourselves here.
The SSD has a controller chip (the boss) when this chip decides not to work anymore, in most cases the data cannot be recovered. This chip holds the encryption key. This is the key to opening the data on the storage readable for the user.

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